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Remember when you were kids playing with toy guns and you'd shoot a kid and he'd be like no you didn't. Then shoot you. That was Trump.
2 hours ago

RT @HillaryClinton: This is...unhinged, even for Trump. A few notes.
2 hours ago

@AndrewPeters716 @martybiron43 Lehner sounds like Darth Vader on the phone. Heavy breathing. Darth Lehner.
5 hours ago

Hey girl are you a trump supporter because you're building all these walls between us. Get out of your bedroom? Sure.
21 hours ago

šŸŽ¤ I wanna fuck you like a gentleman. šŸŽ¤ - nine inch nails if they were British.
21 hours ago

You know how curiosity killed the cat? Elect Trump and curiosity is gonna nuke Europe.
24 hours ago

@LeBatardShow hey I'm sorry I don't already know. Why aren't you guys on espn la right now?
3 days ago

Soft Hands, Concentration Not Strength #90sin5Words @midnight
4 days ago

RT @MikeDrucker: Hillary has spent 30 years handling taunts for shit she didn't do. Donald Trump complained it's "not nice" to quote him iā€¦
4 days ago

A Major News Organization HAD TO POST THIS.
4 days ago

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